My WordPress Blog Thu, 04 Jul 2019 00:41:00 +0000 en-US hourly 1 9 Reasons to keep expenses up Thu, 04 Jul 2019 00:41:00 +0000 There is no rule to keep your financial health, but keeping track of your expenses and keeping them up can make it easier to reach your goals and make your money pay off more.


1) Financial Discipline: You Only Have to Win


When it comes to financial discipline, keeping your expenses up to date is a must. And one who cheats on financial discipline is spending less than he earns. The ideal, besides not getting red, is knowing how to use money wisely.

Anyone who is not accustomed to keeping up with the daily expenses needs to reevaluate this habit urgently. Small expenses seem harmless, but they can hurt your budget.

You may also be losing money by paying high interest rates and fees. For this reason, make it a habit to keep track of what is going on with your money on a daily basis, whether you are spending more than you should and especially whether these expenses can be avoided or reduced.


2) Control of personal budget

2) Control of personal budget

Do not rely only on memory: even if you know what your main spending is, controlling your personal budget is a simple attitude that helps keep your spending up-to-date.

The easiest way to track your personal budget is to write down income and expenses on a spreadsheet, but if you prefer, use a notebook just for that purpose.

If you have a running routine and do not have time to control your personal budget, ie you can not keep track of your expenses on a daily basis, you can separate at least one day of the week or weekend for that task. Start by writing down your income and expenses today in a spending spreadsheet.

Credit Lender has a worksheet to keep your expenses up to date with no hassle. Click here to download!


3) Clean name

One of the main reasons to keep your expenses up to date is the clean name on the market. Who controls spending and does not forget to pay bills before maturities are less likely to have the name included in credit protection bodies.

The main advantage of keeping your name clean, that is, without active or expired debts, is the possibility of acquiring credit more easily.

Another advantage is that by being a “positive consumer,” your credit score stays or increases faster. Contrary to what happens when you keep your spending up to date, financial clutter harms your credit score and you may have a credit application denied. Credit Advisor gives you tips on how to increase your credit score.


4) Tranquility in emergency moments

Having a financial reserve is essential for your peace of mind. Hence, tracking your spending can help you save money more easily without harming your monthly budget.

Those who choose to set aside money for emergency situations, such as losing a job or spending unplanned health care, are warning of a possible financial dislocation, which is when you have to spend more than you can.

For this to happen, the money reserved should not be redeemed for other reasons such as for trips or trips. If you have plans, separate a reservation for such purposes. If you do not have a reservation yet, start with a small amount and increase over time.


5) More chances to get a loan

Personal loan is an option for those who need money to achieve goals such as traveling, reorganizing finances, renovating the home, among other reasons.

Those with current bills and expenses are more likely to get a personal loan. This is because banks and financiers evaluate their financial behavior before releasing the requested personal loan. By keeping your expenses up to date, you also increase the chance of getting a cheaper loan.


6) Possibility to invest

When you keep your spending up-to-date, it’s easier to invest some of your money. By keeping track of your expenses and keeping them current, you can create investment goals.

For those who have not yet started to invest, know that there are simpler modalities with the possibility of greater gains (greater profitability) than the savings offered by banks, such as public securities (Treasury Direct) and CDB (Bank Deposit Certificate).

Remembering that, prior to starting to invest, you need to have money set aside for emergencies.

If you are still having difficulty organizing your personal budget to make investments, a personal loan can help you balance expenses.

7) Control of debts

7) Control of debts

Controlling debts is a key attitude to keep expenses on track. Lack of financial control and a lack of debt repayment can turn your financial health into a real headache.

So if for some reason you are in debt and do not know what to do, act quickly to regularize your situation. Talk directly to the lender and consider negotiating possibilities.

You can also consider a personal loan to pay off debts, and focus your debts on a single, cheaper debt with installments that do not weigh in your pocket and with the best due date.

Count on Credit Advisor to reorganize your finances.


8) Possibility to achieve objectives

Have you stopped to think about what your short, medium and long term goals are? Keeping spending up-to-date makes it much easier to plan trips, studies and shopping. So start today to set goals, set timelines, and what needs to be done to reach them.

Ask yourself, for example: how much per month do I need to save for a holiday trip in 10 months? How much per month do I need to save to change cars in a year?

When it comes to creating goals, the most important thing is to set deadlines and, of course, to follow planning. And if you need a credit to win your goal faster, ask for a personal loan!


9) Know which expenses reduce

9) Know which expenses reduce

Superfluous expenses can be responsible for the financial imbalance and the difficulty in achieving its objectives.

Tracking expenses helps you identify which expenses are harming your financial health and need to be reduced or cut to balance your personal budget once and for all.

So, evaluate how your behavior has been in relation to your money and what needs to be done to keep your spending up-to-date, without suffocation.

For example, if you have a monthly subscription for a service that uses little or does not use, it’s time to destine the resource for another purpose.

If you still do not want to cancel, one option is to try to reduce the amount charged for the service. The important thing is to take care of your pocket as soon as possible.

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The APRC is affected not only by the cost of the loan, but also by the value of money over time.

The Actual Annual Interest Rate (APR) is not the same as the interest rate (RSO). The interest rate only shows what the cost of interest is.

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How do you move from home? – Financial Guide for Young People Thu, 02 May 2019 20:47:44 +0000 I’m sure the desire is already in you. You would like to move and finally be your own self. Money is what prevents it and the lack of vision in this regard. In this article, I will outline a plan for you to define the following years as a contour line. Please, if you liked the article, share it with others. Everything starts from scratch…

Step 1 – Work “Anything”

Step 1 - Work "Anything"

At the beginning and middle of our twenties, we play basically two gates. On the one hand, we build our future, and on the other hand we want to live our present. Lifetime learning is always for the future. You should not let go of this in any way. I think you would be very angry in the future if you don’t accept this advice and stop doing this activity.

Let’s say you will fail millions if you don’t develop and learn more. If you never update your knowledge.

The present, however, has already arrived. You are living at this moment and you want to break out of that moment. You want to move to the money you need. So give yourself the recognition that you have to work. But what do you do? About anything that comes from your money. This will be the foundation you can build. I don’t think I have said much cleverness yet. But it would be a good idea to clarify this at the beginning…

Step 2 – “There is no life” and no “poor” life


When I received my first salary, it was mine. At that moment I decided to do better than my parents now. When I searched for the first million in a month, I started with immeasurable spending. In my most brutal period, I bought Italian shirts for 20,000 forints that I didn’t try. I went to the store and showed me what. The joke was that I never wore more of these shirts because size didn’t fit.

I didn’t want to live a poor life any more. I wanted to break the captivity of my own life. I wanted to buy everything. That is, everything … No one was able to explain the difference between life without life and poor life. People, when they first get a lot of money, want to show the world themselves. They fear that if they do not spend, they will be “penniless”.

No Life means:

  • no new phone
  • there is no branded wardrobe
  • there is no foreign dream trip
  • there is no restaurant every day
  • no new computer
If you want to move, they are not (yet)

Many of us make this decision young, even unconsciously. And many of us make mistakes. Allow us to seduce new and branded stuff. We do not notice that we are moving away from our real goals. You can cry for money. It is worth asking ourselves how much money we have spilled “no kacates”? I was self-sufficient at that time! And you?

Step 3 – Pay yourself a loan repayment

I know you want to move home. But do you know how much credit you would need and how much would you have to pay? I wouldn’t be surprised if you had no idea about it. You probably got stuck in the typical mistake of longing . That is, desires remain desires and do not think further. You don’t plan, don’t count and have no strategy.

You should not leave any desire for that. If you want to move, you already have a plan to look at different costs such as credit repayments, overheads, attorneys’ fees, bank charges … etc. Find out what kind of apartment you could actually maintain in the next 5 years if you suddenly had the power of an apartment in your hand.

And then start paying yourself a loan for a separate account. Follow all that you can put your prospective installer on the table every month. Here’s three things:

  • you collect self-effort at an unprecedented speed
  • you are learning to pay discipline
  • you experience what standard of living you would have with a loan (risk free main test)

Step 4 – Find your own rhythm

Step 4 - Find your own rhythm

I know you also have a number of friends who are much easier. Their parents are paying for their parents and their homes and cars. You don’t have to compete with them, because you have started in life with completely different conditions. You should be happy with the other’s luck. But at the same time you have to think about yourself. Accept your own rhythm that feeds on your potential.

Life is not a sprint. The point is not who gets there sooner. It is much more important for everyone to get to where you want them. Some who succeed in 5 years and who have 20 years. But they succeed. However, most people begin to feel self-esteem in the luck of others and give up the fight on the go. Never reaches a goal. He never passes the “sweet taste of victory”.

When we say you want to move from home, I don’t write a time span. It will be different for everyone. I encourage you to measure your potential and move forward in life accordingly. Get there once, where you want and close the circumstances.

Step 5 – Do not hurry to move

I believe you are already sleeping in a small room. However, it is not a good idea to jump blindly into something that you didn’t think of properly. When we are looking for our own apartment or apartment, we tend to make a number of compromises. We are practically narrowing our minds, and “everything is all there is to be” is in a state of consciousness.

In this case, we are acting recklessly. I think it is not so bad to live at home to move to an apartment that is crumbling, where there are no windows where everything should be renewed (but you have no money for it). Just as it is not a solution to move 50-100 kilometers further because you found a “cheap apartment” there.

If you design it the way I wrote – the process of moving and the financial implications, then believe that you will soon be able to start your own life with a strong background.

I guarantee you will be moving in 3 years

I guarantee you will be moving in 3 years

Read my article on how to get higher pay.

Calculate it! The apartment you looked for would cost you $ 25M. To do this you would need 5M forints. You are currently looking for a net of $ 220,000 and you live at home, where you have to pay $ 50,000 a month. You’ll be managing the remaining 170,000 forints. HUF 20M loan for 10 years with fixed interest rate for 25 years is HUF 124,000.

Set 124,000 forints per month. This is HUF 1,488,000 per year. In 3 years it will collect HUF 4,464,000. It is a power of self!

I know it’s hard to look at three years. You’ll have to live from $ 46,000 a month for example.

But what is the better vision for spending 120,000 forints every month (from bonuses to branded clothes to restaurants) without any looks? Gratis, in 3 years, you will not be guaranteed to move. But with this mentality in 6 years.

So once again: Do you prefer a vision where you stay in your room for at least 6-8 years, but you did not pull anything in return? Is it better than you have been tightening your belts for 3 years and finally leaving the room?

Reality is very sad

Nobody said that everything would just go. Unfortunately, working with limited opportunities you need to bring your own victims. It will simply not work at the same time to have trouble-free spending and buying your own home. You have to tell me something. This is your responsibility, your own individual preference.

I know that from this article you expected me to tell you the big secret with numbers, charts, excel tables and how to move home. The truth is very sad. In this case, reality comes with cancellations, sacrifices and planning. There was a chance in your hand all the way, you just didn’t live with it. Because party weekends, shopping days or cool phones were more important.

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